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Inspired by Africa

Afro-futurism is the act of re-imagination, reclamation of black identity – a rejection and subversion of debilitating stereotypes, an expression of the infinite ways of interpreting the past, present & future, demonstrating the cosmopolitan reality of the black experience. 


By adopting influences from a distant, mythologized African past and ideas of the future such as references to outer space or extraterrestrial life, we created something distinctly modern and forward thinking. 

“Afro-futurism” is a way of understanding and creating art that is ultimately about challenging pre-existing modes of perception.

Inspired by Afropunk Johannesburg 2020

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Black Futurist Collection

Afro Futurism Collection 2020

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Desert Sunset T-shirt

Leimert Park Threads

Desert Sunset T-shirt


This T-shirt is inspired by the sunset over the New Mexico desert. Hand dyed with accents of orange, purple and tan. Shirts are pre-washed and we would suggest sizing up if you like your shirts to fit baggier. 

in the beginning

It started with a shirt

Starting in South Central LA, COLORED was a charged word that needed to be reclaimed!

The COLORED Collection is for every race, sex and creed that stands for equal rights for all. Our mission is to educate and enrich the culture through purpose driven apparel and experiences that connect growing and evolving communities of color. 

big time


Through the lens of wardrobe stylist Shiona Turini COLORED by Leimert Park was placed in this beautiful scene showcasing two People of Color (Issa rae &  Kendrick Sampson) laying in bed sharing an intimate moment. 

This was our first national exposure for the brand less than a year after it's inception. 


traveling shop

Since the beginning of 2019 LPT has hosted a series of pop-up shops and photo shoot events around Los Angeles selling exclusive 1 of 1 merchandise. This gives us the opportunity to connect with customers and even shoot them for the upcoming look book. 

HBCU Dreams


On April 14th 2019 Beyoncé released a documentary about her Coachella performance. In this video Beyoncé wore two Leimert Park Threads custom HBCU sweaters representing Howard University and Morehouse College. 


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